Real Estate Sales Associate Licensing Course:
Tuition: $495

The Sales Associate Licensing Course consists of real estate principles and practices, and Florida Real Estate License Law. The course covers all the subject matter prescribed by the Florida Real Estate Commission as a prerequisite to making application to take the State Examination for Sales Associate. Applicants for Licensure must be 18 years of age or older, and hold a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency.

Upon successful completion of the course and the passing of the State Examination, you can become a licensed real estate Sales Associate and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be Your Own Boss as Independent Contractor
  • Freedom from the Desk and the 8-5 Routine
  • High Income Potential; Determine Your Own Income
  • Exposure to Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Personal and Professional Growth and Development

Tuition and Payment Plan:
The tuition for the Sales Associate Licensing Course is $495. This amount includes all the necessary books and materials for the course.

The tuition may be paid by cash, check, VISA®, MasterCard®, or Discover® Card. Advanced registration and a full payment is required to reserve a seat.

Instructor for this Course:
A student's performance in the course and on the State Examination is significantly influenced by the quality of the instruction. To insure the highest standards of instruction, each instructor is personally evaluated and selected by Dr. Ronald O. Boatright, professional real estate educator, on the basis of the instructor's ability, knowledge of the subject matter, and experience in the real estate business.

Additional Information:

Orange Park / Jacksonville (904) 269-2555
Florida Toll Free 1-800-638-7040
Fax (904) 269-2509

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