Post-Licensing Courses  (Schedule)

45-Hour Course For Sales Associate (SAL 45):
This 45-hour course is designed to be a practical "nuts-and-bolts, how-to" course for a real estate Sales Associate. Selected topics include the law of agency, misrepresentation in real estate, appraising real property, competitive market analysis, obtaining listings, preparing and making listing presentations, marketing a listing, preparing real estate contracts, FHA, VA, and conventional financing, and closing real estate transactions. The tuition is $195.

The following courses satisfy the post-licensing requirements for broker (60 hours).

Real Estate Brokerage Management (MGT 30):
This 30-hour course is designed to be a practical "nuts-and-bolts, how to" course on brokerage management. A sampling of topics include characteristics essential to success, leadership, functions of management, recruiting Sales Associates, training, financial systems and records, opening a real estate office, et cetera. The tuition is $195.

Residential Construction: Description and Evaluation (CON 30):

This 30-hour course is designed to provide real estate brokers, Sales Associates, appraisers, and property managers with a basic knowledge of residential construction. Selected major topics include description and evaluation of location, neighborhood and site, land use regulations and building codes, house types and styles, basic construction techniques, interior design, building materials, and mechanical systems. The tuition is $195.

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