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Most licensees receiving a flyer have taken one or more courses from the Florida Real Estate Institute. We have made every effort to provide you with outstanding instruction at a fair, competitive price. We hope our past performance has earned your continued support!

Even though you may have recently received a mass-mailed correspondence course from another school, we hope you will decide to order our easy-to-complete continuing education course.

You may satisfy the continuing education requirement by selecting one of the following options: correspondence course, online course, or a 14-hour classroom course. All of these courses include the required 3 hours of Core Law, 3 hours of Ethics and Business Practices and 8 hours of specialty education.

Correspondence Course: If you select the correspondence course, you will receive our booklet with a 30-question final examination. After completing the open-book examination, return the answer sheet to our school by email, fax or mail. Upon receipt, we will grade your exam and return a certificate of successful completion by the next business day. If you do not pass the first time, we will mail another final examination to you for no additional charge.

Online Course: The online course is available through our website. It is a computer-based distance learning course with questions at the end of each lesson to test your understanding of essential facts and concepts. You can review each lesson as needed. A 30-question final examination is included at the end of the course. If you fail the final exam, you have four additional attempts to pass a different final exam at no additional charge.

Classroom Instruction Course: If you attend the 14-hour classroom course, no final examination is required. The first 3 hours of the course covers Core Law (recent changes in the license law), followed by 3 hours of Ethics and Business Practices. The remaining 8 hours constitutes the required specialty education devoted to topics such as related state laws affecting real estate, real estate agency, basics of residential construction, recent developments in financing, escrow management, and real estate news.

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